Insight in the structural condition of roads

Bearing capacity is the most important property

Do you recognize this? As a pavement manager you want a road that lasts as long as possible, at the lowest cost possible. You also want to understand why damages such as cracking occur. How will you approach this? The solution is to perform bearing capacity testing through FWD and GPR services.

These non-destructive test methods are the global standard for evaluating pavements. The stiffness and residual life of each road type can be accurately determined. Precise insight into the structural condition of each pavement layer is provided. Our data is the basis for the design and redesign of roads and can be of great value while planning maintenance or reconstruction works.

Acting without knowledge of the structural condition of a pavement can have expensive consequences! QRoad is your partner for Falling Weight Deflectometer and Ground Penetrating Radar services for all types of roads.

FWD and GPR testing for roads