Bearing capacity testing of pavements

Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

The Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) simulates wheel load to evaluate the structural condition of pavements. The measuring principle of the FWD consists of a dynamic load pulse which replicates a heavy goods vehicle. FWD measurements simulate a wheel load corresponding to a passing truck; these trucks are the normative damage factor for roads. These tests are also called carrying capacity tests. Data collected during a VGD measurement can be used to determine the stiffness and residual life of a pavement. An indispensable component for efficient road management.

FWD testing can be used at various work sites, such as roads, airports and industrial sites.


FWD testing is a non-destructive and fully automated process. Analytical software helps determine the stiffness, residual life and maintenance plan for the pavement. By using our own action window on the vehicle, in many cases we can work without the need for additional traffic measures, this of course depends on the speed regime on the pavement to be measured. Safety for fellow road users and our employees during the work is always our top priority.

The most modern and fastest FWDs

QRoad uses Dynatest equipment, which is among the most modern and fastest in the market. This, combined with our team of highly experienced operators, allows us to give you the best possible service for any job. You can count on FDW measurements being carried out correctly. The time we take to measure your pavements is kept to a minimum.

Main features of our FWDs