Testing layer thickness of pavements

Ground Penetrating Radar Testing

Do you want a quick scan of your road, which gives you direct insight in the structural condition and helps you better manage maintenance budgets? With our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), we test layer thickness and anomalies in a continuous way. We’re doing this with a specifically designed GPR system for testing asphalt and concrete pavements, which we can operate at traffic speed. Wij kijken met deze scan als het ware in de verharding, zodat u hiermee direct inzicht heeft in de toestand van de totale verhardingsconstructie. Constructieboringen worden hiermee tot een minimum beperkt, deze dienen alleen nog als referentiemateriaal.

We combine our ground wheel measurements with Falling Weight Deflection (FWD) measurements when requested by the customer. By testing bearing capacity in addition to layer thickness, we immediately give you an overall picture of the pavement, or so called quick scan. In other words, a quick road scan. These two pavement test methods complement each other. Deviations in the outcomes of one measurement are explained by the other measurement. In addition, we’re able to detect anomalies like settlements, voids, moisture and delamination with our GPR.

The combination of our GPR and FWD testing services are the basis for efficient management and maintenance of pavements. By scanning and testing, we know better.


By using three different antennas, each with their own frequency, we can map the structure of your pavement at traffic speed. Traffic management is not necessary. We use the most modern equipment. This way we have real-time visibility into the measurements and make immediate adjustments as needed.

We use state-of-the-art software to read the GPR data, giving you a clear picture of your pavement layers, voids, wet spots, cavities and delamination. We use the most advanced software to read the GPR data, to give you a clear view of the layers of your pavement, cavities, wet areas, voids and delamination. Especially in combination with our FWD, we can offer you precise insight for optimal pavement management. We use our ground penetrating radar to safely, efficiently and cost-effectively scan your road. Based on your request, we know how to bring out the right information and process it into clear reports, giving you immediate insight into road conditions.


The principle of ground radar measurements is based on measuring the reflection of radar radiation in the soil. When measuring, a high-frequency radio pulse is emitted, it reflects on certain layers or objects in the soil, which have different electromagnetic properties than the soil around them. When the pulse encounters an interface between two different materials, part of the pulse reflects. At the next interface, a portion of the signal again reflects and is passed through, ultimately creating a profile that can be read with specially developed software. GPR measurements are a good combination with VGD measurements, providing a complete picture of the road for optimal road management and thus grip on costs.

Unique features of our GPR