Bearing capacity testing of granular materials

Light Weight Deflectometer

Our LWD is a portable version of the FWD. The LWD is specially designed for bearing capacity testing of granular materials. This during the construction phase of roads, airports and industrial sites. The LWD can be used to directly test unbound subbase and subgrade. The principle of the LWD is similar to the FWD: The deflection of the material is measured by applying a dynamic load pulse.


The LWD is operated manually and uses a load cell and geophones with the same accuracy as the FWD. LWD testing results directly in MPa value, which is a direct quality indicator for the bearing capacity of a material. LWD testing requires no reference measurements and provides a simple, cost effective alternative to time-consuming and expensive static plate bearing testing. The LWD is highly portable and easily carried around.

Modern LWD system

QRoad uses a modern LWD system (Dynatest), equipped with multiple sensors and weights. This allows us to provide an optimal service for every job. This enables us to give you the best possible service for every job. You can count on correct and prompt execution of the work. Ask us about the options.

Main features of our LWD